How to Dress Your Toddler Like a French Sailor

Petite Bateau Peacoar

Petite Bateau Mariner Tee

Suspender pants by Kana

The Classic Chuck Taylor


Art That Makes Me Happy

Jarvis, by Elizabeth Peyton

If you’ve happen to have visited an Urban Outfitters lately then you’ve noticed the 90s are back. Floral print dresses paired with clunky black boots and flannel. Well here are two of the best things to come out of the 90s together – Jaris Cocker of Pulp painted by artist Elizabeth Peyton in 1996.

The image below is one that hung in all my living spaces from my first dorm room to my final apartment in college. It was my first introduction to this artist, through a spread in some magazine, long since discarded. It still reigns as one of my favorite paintings.

Piotr on Couch, by Elizabeth Peyton, 1996

If only my 5 year old would let me pick her clothes (without arguing)

So I realize I’ve blogged quite a bit about what I want…materially. Maybe someday I’ll delve into deeper things but for today’s post, I’m still going to fantasy shop but this time for my kids. Now, mind you, this is only pretend shopping for them (at least for now.) The way I usually purchase clothes for my kiddos is at Target, haphazardly throwing things in the cart hoping everything will work when I get it all home. My 5 year old – going on 15 – has quite the mind of her own and gravitates to all things “blingy.” I think she does this to push my buttons. For now, I’ve been able to steer her away from the glittery Selena Gomez shirt and we’ve settled on a happy compromise with a shirt featuring a sequined cupcake. But this is what I wish she would wear…

rugged prairie girl

1950s sweetness


beachy & french