A Spring Wedding

I just got home from a cross country drive with my husband and two kids. We headed south to Dallas, Texas for my cousin’s lovely wedding. It was a perfect spring wedding! The bride and groom did a wonderful job of infusing the ceremony and reception full of their personalities and families. Each table was set with vintage cameras (the groom), flowers in vintage vases and cans (the bride), and framed vintage family snapshots (both). There was a lot of handmade action at this wedding. The treat boxes were made by my aunt’s special needs students, the cake topper was purchased from an etsy artist (who even featured the couple’s beloved cat), and the bow ties were handmade by a friend of the bride’s. Personal touches like these really made this wedding amazing (aside from my awesome cousin and his amazing bride!)



I Said I Would Never Do Another Kids’ Party…

In six months, my kids will each turn another year older. They have birthdays that are two days apart. Last year we did a joint party with a “fairy and garden gnome theme” which was a lot fun but REALLY time consuming. I swore, after hosting 20 little fairies and gnomes that we were just going to a bounce house or <<shudder>> Chuck E. Cheese for the next birthday.

But here I am, thinking of party themes for their next birthday. I blame all of the design and party planner bloggers. They make it look SO easy and let’s face it, their blogs are like crack, so addictive.

Here are a few ideas I’ve gleamed from other blogs:

French Bistro: My daughter loves all things French (and I am sure my son will too but currently all he says is “choo choo” and “car” and France has both choo choos and cars!) She’s always begging for “French pancakes” and on our special “mommy/daughter days” we always go to the creperie downtown. I’d love to make a crepe paper Eiffel Tower and have little art easels set up in the yard.

From Heather Mildenstein Photography

Of course both my kids love Woody and Jessie from Toy Story so I can picture a great cowboy themed party in our yard as well!

From Growing Home

What are your favorite kids’ birthday party themes?

Read This Book

A few weeks ago I went to the library with my kids, who are 1 and 5. First, let me tell you what a trip to the grown up side of the library looks like for me. I have about 5 minutes total until my 5 year old starts playing hide-and-seek in the stacks and the 1 year old starts doing this awful sing/screech that pierces the silence in the rooms and causes everybody in the library to send me death glares. Needless to say, I run directly to the new books section and toss in about 5 books that have worthwhile titles or covers (yes, I judge the book by the cover) and then get the heck out of there.

On this particular trip I threw in a book called, Falling for Me, by Anna David. I read it in two days. Yes, I totally neglected the family while I read but when I was finished I felt inspired to do so much. The book made me realize that we all have these personal ruts we get stuck in and it’s up to us to get out of them. Also, it was hilarious. Anna David is a funny woman and a great story teller – even when she’s relating personal and embarrassing things!

So, even if you don’t feel like you are in a rut, go get this book.

What books have inspired you?