Art That Reflects My Life Right Now

From the "End Times" series by Jill Greenberg

My two kids have both been sick for a week. This means we’ve been quarantined in the house – no park, no library, no play dates, and no school. The first day or so was fine. We enjoyed each others company, read copious amounts of books, revisited our board games, and snuggled. I did some home school activities and silently praised myself thinking, “This is so easy! I could spend every day like this!” It’s going on a week now. Mutiny is occurring. The kids are doing everything they can to instigate fights. Hair is being pulled by all parties and a general nastiness has settled into everyone’s attitude. Please, lift this pox that has been placed upon my house so I can send the kids back to school!

Have you ever experienced a time like this? Any suggestions for sick kid activities?



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