Popsicles and Pearls Goes to Dallas

Disclosure: I am from Dallas. I lived there from the time I was 6 years old until I was 22. I know a lot of people have their own ideas of Dallas, most likely gleamed from a brief visit and all they remember is the oppressive heat and constant traffic, or from “reality shows.” Yes, it’s hot. Yes, there’s traffic. Yes, there are women with big hair. But if you look past all that and know where to go, you will have a fine time. My new cousin-in-law took me to a few new hotspots when I was in town last week for her wedding and I thought I would share them you.

First, head over to the Knox-Henderson neighborhood and visit We Are 1976. This hip little shop is part design studio, part book store, part art gallery. They feature prints, books, and cards from local artists. There’s also jewelry and toys that celebrate the art of design available.

My husband and I picked up this print by Justin Cox for our son, Dexter!

Now ladies, send your man over to the Pearl Cup for a cup of joe while you step next door to Milk and Honey. Milk and Honey reminded me a lot of Anthropologie, with wallet friendly prices. The selection was excellently curated, with feminine and flirty pieces.

Finally, end your afternoon with a margarita and some of the best Tex-Mex in the world at Chuy’s! Don’t bother counting calories here and load up on their creamy jalapeno dressing and chips. Be sure to smother your “big as yo’ face burrito” in deluxe tomatillo sauce!

 Finally, end your day in some AIR CONDITIONING or a dip in the pool!

Do you have a favorite hotspot in Dallas?


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