Keep Calm & Carry On

On Easter Sunday I prepared a lovely spring meal of roast chicken, quinoa salad, field greens, and a homemade rustic bread loaf. It was all homemade and lovely. My daughter and I made some tie die inspired colored eggs to decorate the table, and the piece de resistance was my homemade lemonade with mint leaves. I had planned to photograph the whole set up to share it with you but, before the festivities could begin, we received a call from my sister that her kids had been in a horrible car wreck. So off I went to Texas! Good news, while the accident was bad, everybody came out of it alive. In fact, when I left my sister’s house after a week, my nephew who had undergone brain surgery was up and about playing Star Wars! Needless to say, this little blog was left untouched and I didn’t think once about future posts. I’m going to take a few days of R&R for myself and Popsicles&Pearls will be back in a few days! Until then, I’ll leave you with this reminder:



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