Cooking With Kids

Ohmygod, I just found the perfect thing to cook with my 5 year old! During last week’s trip to library (and my mad rush through the adult section – see this post) my daughter grabbed Anne Burrell’s cookbook, Cook Like a Rockstar, from a display. I’m pretty sure she picked it because it had “rockstar” in the title though I have caught the budding chef watching the Food Network a few times, so maybe she recognized the author. She was thrilled to find a recipe for gnocchi, which is her favorite dish. Tonight, we made gnocchi. It was very simple, though kinda messy. I did all the stuff that required using the stove or oven, but she went to town mixing ingredients and playing with the dough. It’s just like making play dough snakes. So easy, my five year old can do it.

Gnocchi waiting to be boiled

with basil, oil, pepper, and mozzarella

tomato goodness

Happy gnocchi lovers!


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