Olympic Sneakers

Years ago, when the World Cup was held in France, I picked up the sweetest sneakers while backpacking in Europe. They were made by a company called Patrick especially for the World Cup. They had sneakers to represent every country! My first two picks were Italy and France (SOLD OUT) so I went with Jamaica. They were fun – yellow and green. I wore those shoes out as I traipsed through Europe that summer. I wore those shoes WAY past their life and was so sad when they could go on longer. I search for a comparable pair all the time. I found some during the last World Cup via another blog. Lo and behold, they were ONLY available in Europe. I found this pair today commemorating the 2012 Olympics. All I’ve been able to find is a patriotic shoe from New Balance. It’s a nice shoe, but I wonder, will I ever be able to replace my World Cup kicks?




I’ll Be Back…

I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I blame the summer. Everything is off. This finely tuned machine of a home is waaaay off. Bedtime has become lax, schedules have flown out the window, and life has become very “fly by the seat of your pants.” Add on to that a two week vacation through the east coast with the kids and you have one tired lady with no blogging power in her. School starts soon and I’ll get my blogging mojo back then (I hope!) Until then, I’ll continue this sporadic posting. For today, here’s a little summer eye candy…