What to wear for a…

family photo shoot? My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years. We have two kids. We have no professional photos of any of us! I mean, I am a photographer but I tend to rely on my iPhone more than anything these days. So, after stalking the blue lily blog for months, I booked them! Of course when I scheduled the shoot I swore that I would lose 10 pounds and have my entire family’s wardrobe picked picked out in advance. Um, I’m pretty sure I’m running out of time! November is only 4 weeks away! I’m going to give up on losing that 10 pounds (which is hopeless now due to daily pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin beers.) So, let’s focus on wardrobe then, shall we…

olive bear

baby bear

papa bear

mama bear


Any suggestions?



Bathing Beauties

I took last week off from the blog to acclimate myself to the first week of summer. It was incredibly busy but I didn’t do any actual work! I just hung out with my kids and it was awesome! We had swim lessons in the middle of each day, spent the afternoon at the pool, and because we have some extra daylight, we took family bike rides down by lake after my husband got home from work. I spent so much time hanging with the kids I was barely able to keep up with my actual JOB much less the blog. But (in the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor) now I’m back from outer space….

I also spent last week in search of the perfect bathing suit. I poured over the internet looking at a million different suits. Here are a few of my favorites:



Can you tell I’m really into the vintage silhouette? What’s your favorite suit for the summer?




Read This Magazine

Have you seen Le Petite Magazine? It’s such a beautiful magazine focusing on children’s fashion, diy projects, toys, and parenting. While I love the content, it’s the graphic design and photographs that have me hooked. They are well executed, creative, just all around beautiful. One of the fashion spreads reminds me of photographs by one of my favorite artists, Loretta Lux.

Le Petite

Loretta Lux


What do you think of the magazine? What are your favorite online reads?

Post-Op Comfort and Style

Last week I had the great opportunity to have my gallbladder removed! Granted, I feel much better now that it’s out, healing from surgery is not something I excel at. I am not a big fan of pharmaceuticals to begin with and ended up having an allergic reaction to the pain meds.  I’ve been relying on ibuprofen to get me through the post-op pain. Through it all I’ve been trying to maintain some level of maintenance and I’ve come up with post-op guide to comfort and style to get you out of the hospital and back to your couch with your dignity intact.

Hair: a topknot and a scarf. That’s all you need.

Clothes: a maxidress – none of those pesky waistbands to irritate your stitches and make you realize just how swollen your belly is! This week I favored an old maternity maxidress from Target and one that I purchased last summer at Old Navy. I also prefer the maxidress to pajamas for times when you must answer the door, or your friend brings over a casserole and you feel compelled to say hi, or your kids friends come barreling through the house.

Dress from Old Navy

Blanket: make it big and make it soft

Drink: I’ll admit, I have what I call my “sick cup.” I only use it when I’m really sick and it just makes me feel better. It’s a huge insulated mug with a lid and a straw. It’s obscene how much liquid this cup holds but I love it! When I’m sick, having this cup near me just makes me feel better. Plus, I don’t have to continuously whine to my husband that I need water.

Movie: Pride & Prejudice – it’s 5 hours long so you won’t need to mess remotes or changing the DVD. Also, you should have seen this movie at least  6 times by now so if you are in and out of consciousness it won’t really matter.

What makes you feel better when you’re sick?


Rainy Day Fashion for Kids

Spring is here and we have had our fair share of “April showers.” Dex and I were tired of being stuck in the house so I threw on some rain gear and we went for a little stroll in the garden. I think there is nothing cuter than a kid splashing in puddles. What do you love about rainy days?

Here he comes!

And there he goes!

Discovering rain on the peonies.

Sweater: Old Navy
Sailor Pants: Harajuku Mini
Boots: Kidorable

Popsicles and Pearls Goes to Dallas

Disclosure: I am from Dallas. I lived there from the time I was 6 years old until I was 22. I know a lot of people have their own ideas of Dallas, most likely gleamed from a brief visit and all they remember is the oppressive heat and constant traffic, or from “reality shows.” Yes, it’s hot. Yes, there’s traffic. Yes, there are women with big hair. But if you look past all that and know where to go, you will have a fine time. My new cousin-in-law took me to a few new hotspots when I was in town last week for her wedding and I thought I would share them you.

First, head over to the Knox-Henderson neighborhood and visit We Are 1976. This hip little shop is part design studio, part book store, part art gallery. They feature prints, books, and cards from local artists. There’s also jewelry and toys that celebrate the art of design available.

My husband and I picked up this print by Justin Cox for our son, Dexter!

Now ladies, send your man over to the Pearl Cup for a cup of joe while you step next door to Milk and Honey. Milk and Honey reminded me a lot of Anthropologie, with wallet friendly prices. The selection was excellently curated, with feminine and flirty pieces.

Finally, end your afternoon with a margarita and some of the best Tex-Mex in the world at Chuy’s! Don’t bother counting calories here and load up on their creamy jalapeno dressing and chips. Be sure to smother your “big as yo’ face burrito” in deluxe tomatillo sauce!

 Finally, end your day in some AIR CONDITIONING or a dip in the pool!

Do you have a favorite hotspot in Dallas?