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Have you seen Le Petite Magazine? It’s such a beautiful magazine focusing on children’s fashion, diy projects, toys, and parenting. While I love the content, it’s the graphic design and photographs that have me hooked. They are well executed, creative, just all around beautiful. One of the fashion spreads reminds me of photographs by one of my favorite artists, Loretta Lux.

Le Petite

Loretta Lux


What do you think of the magazine? What are your favorite online reads?

Rainy Day Fashion for Kids

Spring is here and we have had our fair share of “April showers.” Dex and I were tired of being stuck in the house so I threw on some rain gear and we went for a little stroll in the garden. I think there is nothing cuter than a kid splashing in puddles. What do you love about rainy days?

Here he comes!

And there he goes!

Discovering rain on the peonies.

Sweater: Old Navy
Sailor Pants: Harajuku Mini
Boots: Kidorable

If only my 5 year old would let me pick her clothes (without arguing)

So I realize I’ve blogged quite a bit about what I want…materially. Maybe someday I’ll delve into deeper things but for today’s post, I’m still going to fantasy shop but this time for my kids. Now, mind you, this is only pretend shopping for them (at least for now.) The way I usually purchase clothes for my kiddos is at Target, haphazardly throwing things in the cart hoping everything will work when I get it all home. My 5 year old – going on 15 – has quite the mind of her own and gravitates to all things “blingy.” I think she does this to push my buttons. For now, I’ve been able to steer her away from the glittery Selena Gomez shirt and we’ve settled on a happy compromise with a shirt featuring a sequined cupcake. But this is what I wish she would wear…

rugged prairie girl

1950s sweetness


beachy & french