Kicking off Christmas

I’m so excited because I just finished making the family Christmas card. It’s kind of a big deal for me since we live so far away from many of our family and friends. Last year I was too exhausted to put much effort into it (my toddler was kickin’ my butt!) I decided to go all out this year – and boy did I! We had professional photos done by Wendy of Blue Lily . These are the first family photos I’ve been featured in since my WEDDING! It was so worth it! Check out the card below.

What about you? Are you doing anything special to get into the holiday spirit?

Stationery card
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Wish You Were Here


Years ago, I lived about an hour from the beach. Granted, it was a Texas beach – not the Riviera – but it was a beach nonetheless. I got accustomed to heading down to the shore almost any time I felt like it; before work, after work, days off. Now, with two kids, a busy schedule, and a 7-hour drive to the nearest beach, a trip takes lots of planning. So right now, I wish I could skip the planning, the waiting, and the traveling, and just transport myself to any one of these places:

St. Martin


Puerto Rico



Where do you wish you be right now?

Rainy Day Fashion for Kids

Spring is here and we have had our fair share of “April showers.” Dex and I were tired of being stuck in the house so I threw on some rain gear and we went for a little stroll in the garden. I think there is nothing cuter than a kid splashing in puddles. What do you love about rainy days?

Here he comes!

And there he goes!

Discovering rain on the peonies.

Sweater: Old Navy
Sailor Pants: Harajuku Mini
Boots: Kidorable