So I found my dream job. I get to look at photography all day. I scour websites and agencies looking for new photographers. I’m in love with my job. The only thing is now I miss taking pictures so much! Looking at other people’s work fills me with inspiration. So I’m gonna dust off the camera and go have a fun-filled shoot day. Until then, here’s a little Instagram love…

The light streaming through was so beautiful at that moment.




I can't resist a gray sky

Read This Magazine

Have you seen Le Petite Magazine? It’s such a beautiful magazine focusing on children’s fashion, diy projects, toys, and parenting. While I love the content, it’s the graphic design and photographs that have me hooked. They are well executed, creative, just all around beautiful. One of the fashion spreads reminds me of photographs by one of my favorite artists, Loretta Lux.

Le Petite

Loretta Lux


What do you think of the magazine? What are your favorite online reads?

Art That Makes Me Think of Art History

Last week’s “Art That Makes Me…” post made me think of the Japanese artist, Yasumasa Morimura. Morimura’s Art History series features self portraits of the artist in reproductions of famous works of Western art. They are large scale photographs made to look like paintings and they are AMAZING!

Of course, all this talk about self portraits also makes me think of Cindy Sherman’s work.

I could go on and on and it would be a never ending game of 6 Degrees of Separation, Art Edition.

Do you know of any other artists who play with the idea of self-portraiture and repurposing of art history?